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growing relationships confirmed 9-17-14

Confirmed Top Tips for Growing Relationships

Relationships drive the world. Who you know matters more than what you know because you can learn the what. The more that I invest in relationships, the more opportunities I will discover and the more doors I will be in a position to open. Growing relationships holds the key. [tweetthis]Growing relationships holds the key[/tweetthis] It […]

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human nature 9-16-14

Choices Define Human Nature

“Human nature explains away so many of our faults and challenges.” The class seemed to agree with the video that human nature could be defined as sin nature. I spoke and disagreed, but they dismissed my ideas that children want to share naturally or that children want to be nice naturally. It is only when […]

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Finding Hope for Your Day

Now IS the Right Time

The right time is now because now is the only time. There will always be a reason, an excuse, or an obstacle trying to urge you to put off the journey. Until you take the step and make the move, you will stay exactly where you are. It has always tickled me to hear newly […]

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the difference is hope

Just an Ordinary Day

The pain I feel does not take away from the fact that today is just an ordinary day. The thoughts swirling in my head do not take away from the reality of today being just an ordinary day. April 27, 2011 rained a nightmare on my area with four tornadoes touching down and affecting our […]

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building relationships - 3-7-13

Making the Investment for Growing Relationships

Making connections begins the process but growing relationships creates the path for my success. That first meeting sets the stage. It makes the next step possible. Reaching out, investing in that connection, will allow it to grow up into something that can help support my journey. I saw the post on Google+ about the Author […]

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wrestling control from circumstances 9-9-14

Overcoming Circumstances – a Lesson on Growth from Mushrooms

Refuse to allow circumstances to dictate your growth. Circumstances can change in a moment. You can move from the circumstances with the right twist or turn. The moment circumstances have control they will rule and once they have taken root they can be tough to remove. [tweetthis]The moment I give circumstances control they will rule.[/tweetthis] […]

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From Knowledge to Action

Finding my place in life takes more than just information – I have to know how to apply that information and then I have to take the action to apply that information. I can have a map of the state. It will not do me any good if I do not determine a location on […]

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