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Celebrating YOU 1-30-15

Free Download of RUN to Say Thanks

I’m celebrating. I am well into my “plan to take over the world” and things are progressing nicely. I have been working hard to be consistent in my focus and DILIGENT in my pursuit of my goals. The radio show is off to a strong start and the Growing HOPE show will soon be launched […]

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Encouraging Scriptures

Breaking Through the Breaking Down

I opened my email and two words stared at me. “Press on.” It had been a rough day and my reservoir of encouragement had been spent long before it was over. I found rest for my night, but the reservoir did not refill as it has been prone to do in the past. The darkness […]

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1-28-15 complicated

Forgoing the Complicated for the Simple

My husband and I have very different method for cooking. I apply the “this looks like enough” method. He sticks to the weights and measurements offered in the recipe. I toss things into a pot or onto a cookie sheet and fire up the heat before declaring the meal is ready. He sticks to the […]

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1-26-15 whose I am

A Life Worth Living

Every day, I invest in connecting with others. I dig through the radio scripts, the books, and the articles to find nuggets of hope and inspiration that I can pass on. The experts told me to be consistent in asking for the sale. My experience taught me that to make the sale I have to […]

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Growing HOPE CWA Radio

Finding My Way Out of the Box

I fell for it – and I fell hard. I fell for it so well that I wrote about it, I talked about it, and I event taught it. How many times have you heard the saying ‘it may be simple but that does not mean it is easy?’ I heard it and I believed […]

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You follow me

Maintain Focus to Arrive at the Desired End

I sat around thinking up ways to make the living wage we needed to pay the everyday bills. My plans were detailed. My designs were determined. At the end of the week, I still wondered why the checking account rang hollow. So I talked with some folks about how to make the living wage we […]

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twisted - 1-22-15

The Twists Make the Difference

It is all in the perspective. Building a successful writing career has required me to look at things from some very unique point of views. I no longer wait in the doctor’s office, but I have a moment to compile ideas form print publications (or I look through magazines to spark post ideas). A little […]

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icing and sprinkles

Those Things That Matter Most

It started with a master plan to take over the world. I knew it would take consistent focus pursued with a diligent mind. I drew the map and began taking the steps. It was a plan to make my life better and the life of my family. Each day I invested in prayer and study. […]

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