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2-24-15 challenge to keep choosing

The Challenge to Keep Choosing

It should be easy . . . or at the very least it should be simple. I have a plan. I have a schedule. I follow those and it all gets done. Easy AND simple. Only the first move I make towards this easy and simple path, the world throws everything and the kitchen sink […]

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2-23-15 breaking through

Breaking Through to the Year of Jubilee

The last several days I have gotten up out of bed to the tune of “Behold He Comes” dancing around through my head. I have spent the mornings making breakfast singing through the chorus and the verses and smiling while I did. Keep in mind that I go to a traditional Methodist service. Praise music […]

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Becoming a Working Writer

I am a writer – or I like to tell everyone that I am a writer. I sit down at my computer on a fairly regular basis and I pound out a few words. I make character folders and create story outlines. I attend writing workshops and conferences to talk with other writers and “maybe” […]

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2-17-15 snowflakes

Keeping On the Path for My Unique Journey

We are all unique. Repeat that with me please. We are all unique. I can share with you my journey. I can tell you all about my experiences. I can even show you research on the topic. But none of that will change the fact that your journey will be unique to you because YOU […]

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Door Kicking Possiblities - a Moment of HOPE

True Love Beyond the World View

We have been put into a position where we must love the unlovable. It could be that someone did something intentional to cause harm to our persons or to our reputations. It could that someone has chosen to be angry our harsh without provocation. It could be that someone drives like they are in a […]

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2-9-15 freedom

Moving Past Selfishness to Healing

There may be nothing on this earth more motivating for change than seeing a picture taken from the rear view. I caught a glimpse in a photo of what others are looking at when I walk past and it made me cringe. It also made me wonder if I might need to take my husband […]

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2-10-15 blessings

Reaching Out to Lift Myself Up

I did something different this morning. I start my day the same every day. I get my coffee, sit in my office, and do my morning Scripture reading. I then turn to my computer and check my emails and messages from overnight – because I am certain that you are so eager to talk with […]

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