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3-31-15 grumbling to change - dominos

Growing from Grumbling to Obedience

I looked at the back of my friend. It was the thinnest I had seen her. The snide thoughts ran through my mind. “That is too thin for her.” “I bet she is not as healthy as she was.” I waited to see her face to confirm the negative thoughts going through my mind. In […]

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writing business

Organized to Write

“You are so organized.” The lady at church noticed my notebook. It has tabs for each class that I attend. It has a section for the church service. It even has a nice little pocket to hold my bible (which was purchased because it was thin and would fit in the pocket). My notebook IS […]

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3-25-15 discouraged

Surviving a Discouraged Spouse

“Lord, please send him some rainbows and sunshine.” My husband hit a bump in the road and his derailment seemed to have spilled over on the whole family. I understood his frustrations. I recognized his discouragement. Despite that, I was struggling to find an ounce of compassion and I had determined that God needed to […]

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3-17-15 pause

Learning in the Still of the Pause

Sometimes you need to stop – just for a moment – and recognize where you are. Even when getting there may be time sensitive, a moment of pause can keep you from having to back track – or worse, it can keep you from running off the road completely. [tweetthis]Sometimes you can find your way […]

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inspirational quotes

Moral Dilemma or When to Stand and Fight

My friend and I were talking several months back. She was sharing a situation in her life that I know many of us have faced. I struggled to help her find her answer because I struggle with my own resolution. I am interested to hear what you think. Question: If you are standing up against […]

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3-10-15 Thank you

Thank YOU for the Focused Encouragement

I think I figured out why I am not plagued with anger issues or emotional troubles. You are my reason. You are am release valve. I read a t-shirt recently that said, “I write because therapy is too expensive.” When things get tough for me (like they sometimes do) or when I’ve backed myself into […]

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A Rant Over Choice

“We have no choice.” I read the words and then I went back and read the word a couple of more times. I had to be missing something. This man – one that holds one of the highest political offices in one of the most powerful countries in the world – had just confessed that […]

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3-5-15 submission

The Blessings of Being Submissive

Submission should rank up there as one of the top bad words of all time. Submission requires me to be under the control of another person and to respond at their whims. Submission forces me to do things that I might not otherwise do. Submission benefits others and never me – I get left out […]

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3-4-15 consistent

Building Consistency in All Areas of Life

The key to getting to where I want to be is to keep going – and to keep going requires building a natural habit of consistency. Being consistent is more than just doing the same thing over and over. It is the ability to get up and going again when a stumble happens. You can […]

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