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4-29-15 change in focus

Changing the World One Focus at a Time

I focused on him, sitting there across from me. I glared and seethed because of what he had said. “I don’t like you.” The thought kept ringing through my mind. He had hurt me. He had made me mad. He had not even bothered to apologize for his unacceptable behavior. He sat there, unaware of […]

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Growing HOPE CWA Radio

Avoid Being Rude to God

You should never be rude to God. It seems like obvious advice since He is God after all. And yet, I find myself making the choice to be rude to Him more times than I care to think. Just today, I chose to stay in bed even when I knew that God was waking me. […]

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4-14-15 I am beautiful

Joining in the #ChooseBeautiful Journey

Dove commercials get me almost every time. They push me to see beyond the ordinary and to dig down into the extraordinary that I am – because each and every one of us IS extraordinary. They Dove company started the #ChooseBeautiful campaign to help women – to help PEOPLE – understand that beauty is a […]

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4-10-15 Using the Map

Follow the Map to Find the Right Way

I needed to take a trip to a cabin in the woods. I had never traveled to that area and it was long before GPS voices guided you to your locations. I had a map that had been drawn out and written out by the owner of the cabin. I looked over the map a […]

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