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a short story 1-24-15

Definition of Hope

What is the right definition of hope? Possible. Someone recently asked me to give my definition of hope or more precisely, she asked me what hope meant to me. Possible was the first word that came to my mind. I know that with hope, all things become possible. But hope is so much more than […]

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creating change

Learning New Ways to Make IT Work for Me

Learning gives me another tool to grow up my success. I need to invest in learning if I am going to grow up to where I desire to be. Learning must be unique. I can learn from others, but I have to take the time to weed through all that learning and find what works […]

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Avoid the Rabbit Hole

Growing Up Joy

Joy comes from God, but it is my responsibility to nurture it. That seed has to be tended regularly. It has to be weeded consistently. It has to be fed daily. Joy will only grow in my life when I make the investment. I must make that investment because the Joy of the Lord is […]

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Growing Up Relationships to Build Success

No matter what your focus – business, church, family, or hobbies – it is all fundamentally about relationships. The only way to reach my desired success goes straight through the heat of the relationships I create. I have to invest my time my effort, and my focus into the foundational relationships. There is just no […]

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Avoid the Rabbit Hole

Define Joy to Live in Joy

The joy of the Lord is my strength – it is one of the first things that I think of when joy comes to mind – that, and all of the decoration my mom had around the house. Being a “Joy” send a lot of joy items her way. Joy has always held a foundational […]

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4-20-15 just show up - growing hope radio

Simple and Easy Path to Change

It can be easy to want change. It can be simple to make a plan. The real challenge arrives when I have to make the choices that will drive that change. Change happens – either the change that I create or the change that I allow to be created. Simple and Easy Path to Change […]

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