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finding my rest

Tips for Finding Peace

I sat watching the storm blow in – the sights, the sounds, and even the smells shift to something damp and warm. The wind rippled through the trees causing the leaves to dance in anticipation. The smile that had been softly resting on my face grew as the drops began to fall. PEACE. Let not […]

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3-5-15 submission

Focus Journey – Finding My Way Back

One focused idea helps me get things done. I figured it out. My great “White Board of World Domination” offered so many ideas that I get caught up in them all. Getting caught up in the ideas simply means I invest my energy in tire spinning as opposed to actual movement. I figured it out […]

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flip your focus

Attitude Adjustment and Family Woes

Developing the Focused Attitude Do what you know to do and the rest will work itself out. The concept seems simple. The execution begins to get a bit trickier – especially when you mix in other people (i.e. husband and kids). Sunday morning, I got up and tackled my to-do list with laser focus. I […]

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Motivation for Life

Planning for Purpose The motivation that I put to work in my life will either drive me towards my purpose or will knock me into a ditch. I have followed both paths with equal amounts of focus. The difference is not in the amount of energy required or the amount of time required – the […]

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Finding Change in the World

Create change in the world with the power of your words. I went looking for change in the world. I spent some time in the church. I listened to the sermons and I watched the people. They were touching lives inside the warmth of the building, but the world around me still looked the same. […]

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Encouraging Scriptures

Grow the Spirit with a Daily Pursuit of Christ

Learning to Nurture the Spirit Limit the negatives. There are several television shows that I enjoy watching for the intrigue, dialogue or story line. As I started focusing on the need to nurture my spirit, I noticed that most of these shows also showed graphic images that I would try to avoid watching. A show […]

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Wednesday - word in the world

The Power of Judgement and Change

Change Comes When Judging is Released I watched her scrolling through her phone as we sat at the light. She had no idea I was watching, but I was. I thought about that young girl killed a few months ago because she was texting while driving. I thought about that young boy who killed his […]

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