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1-29-16 life unplugged

The True Value of Social Media

Discover the power of unplugging from social media Social media will not make or break my success. THEY have said otherwise. THEY have even shared graphs and images proving their point. THEY are wrong. The ability to remain completely connected to the constant flow of information in this digital age has created the illusion of […]

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a short story 1-24-15

Making a Plan for Success

Developing Your White Board of World Domination Having a plan makes the journey possible. It is impossible to get somewhere if there is no definition of where that place is located. It is up to me to define my destination and then map out a plan to reach it. It all started with a hand-me-down […]

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5-9-13 mistakes

Finding HOPE in Purpose

Discovering the Power of HOPE I said: “But we were so happy.” God replied: “But I want you to be holy.” – Sherri Burgess The world – on a good day – will be grey (on a bad day it will be lightless, lifeless, and suffocating). I am not called to live by the directives […]

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pointing to peace

Want Different – Choose Different

It is a choice. This path I am journeying down is a path I have chosen. Sometimes it is a deliberate, BIG choice. More often, it is the minuscule, barely noticed choices that add up for the direction. The choices are still mine. If I want to change directions, I have to choose different. I […]

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