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Change happens by choice not chance.

Choosing Between Fear or HOPE

Does Fear or HOPE Drive Your Journey? “We don’t call each other names.” I reprimanded my son. This simple idea holds a high place in our family rules – second only to “do not hit your brother in any shape, form or fashion.” My son looked at me for a moment and then asked a […]

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3 Keys for Measuring Success

Knowing where you are going helps direct your choices. Reviewing your journey provides opportunity for correction of that direction. It helps to measure the results of my actions to determine the value of the continuation down that road. I have to know, see, understand, and adjust. Measure the results – If I have heard it […]

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Hope of Purpose with Sherri Burgess

The world pushes us into a place of dark and grey, but HOPE breaks through to the Light. There are few things that can excite my heart as much as seeing others excited about purpose – and pursuing that purpose with boldness. But the power of hope in impossible circumstances may trump even that. [tweetthis]There […]

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3 Simple Tips to Regain Focus

Things happen – getting back and keeping my focus happens only when I make the choice to change Focus directs the journey. I have to have the right focus. I want to end up in the right place. A lack of focus leaves me wandering in circles. I have to regain focus to regain the […]

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Celebrating YOU 1-30-15

Developing a Habit of Acceptance

You let me worry about John. You worry about Peter.” The first time I digested these words from John 21, I about choked. I had read them many times through, but always focused on the part where Peter was going to have to suffer, blah – blah – blah. Am I the only one this […]

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