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5-9-13 mistakes

Let Me Tell You How to Think

Everyone was telling me how to think – from the news to the social media – and I had enough! I took a walk around the yard this morning and found that even away from the computer I was still hearing the voices in my head telling me what to think and why to think […]

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Winner Is Still Undetermined

The winner may have been declared but the real winner is still undetermined. I had a revelation in regards to the election. I knew who the real enemy was and I knew that he was determined to make things look any way he needed them to look to cause the divide that would crush the […]

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Growing HOPE - Foundational Hope Principles

Discover the REAL Truth

The REAL Truth about the Election and about Life The heaviness followed me around for several weeks. I would manage to shake it for a moment, but then I would turn around and it would be there again – suffocating me; driving me to cower in the corner; pushing me to the edge of despair. […]

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