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Make it work with Kathryn Lang

How to Go from Busy to Action

Define Why to Find Focus Are you busy with much serving or are you active in purpose and on purpose? There is a difference in the two. One is activity that leaves you spinning your wheels in the sand while the other moves you in the direction of your target and goals. I had been […]

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How to Find Your Balance through the Crazy

I have been up for almost two hours and I still haven’t gotten anything accomplished. I take that back – I just hit send for an email I had originally planned to send last night. Still, that is something. In my state of unbalance, I forgot that I had done that one task. The events […]

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Action Tuesday with Kathryn Lang

The Declaration of a Hurting Heart

It seems there has been a move to stop listening, stop learning, and to instead start demanding. The noise gets louder. The demands get greater. I am left trying to hold tight to who I am and who I am supposed to be. It has to stop. The Declaration of a Hurting Heart I will […]

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