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Archive | January, 2017

Reflections and HOPE archives

Stop the Stamina Stealing Say-So of THEY

THEY are stamina stealing thieves – IF I choose to give the power to their demands. I sold knives in college – and had a 100% closing rate (which means every single time I presented the knives I made a sale). Ironically, I recently watched a rerun of “NCIS” and Abby was talking about how […]

Relationships 5 - KCL

God’s Got This – Living Faith Out Loud

God’s got this. Sometimes that phrase is the only thing that gets me through. We had a fight. It is not the first time we have had this fight and I could take both sides of the argument with ease . . . I know it that well. This time was different. This time I […]

Word and world 3 - KCL

It is MY Time

The Time is NOW I know it is close. I have been saying it for too long now, but this time I KNOW it is close. The thing is, because I know it is close I want to slow down or even take a time out. It is almost as if I am investing in […]

Growing HOPE - KCL

The Year to Keep it Simple

Several years back I was challenged by my Facebook friend, Dana, to choose a theme word for the upcoming year. Each year since, I have continued on with that challenge. Each year since, I have added on to that challenge. (themes and focuses for 2014 and 2015) It has grown up into my massive four […]

Tips and Top 10 Lists

I Can Do More

I can do more, the problem I have encountered is that when I do a lot then I want to take a break and when I take a break then I don’t want to do more. But I can do more. Today was a great example of my ability to do more. I got it […]

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Make the Most of Where You Are with #GrowingHOPE

I have to make the most of where I am if I am going to learn to enjoy the journey. My fascination with the circus goes back almost farther than I can remember. The small, traveling circus parked next to my grandfather’s house and I loved seeing the animals and the performers. I read a […]

Word and world 3 - KCL

Scripture Heals the Gap

Put Scripture first if you want to ensure a health relationship with God and a simpler life for you The song caught my attention. It had a great beat and you could dance to it. I halfway listened for most of the song and then I caught the words from the chorus. “I grew up […]

Kathryn Lang #GrowingHOPE

Distraction Confession

Distractions are EVERYWHERE. It may look innocent. It may seem like nothing. It may just be a distraction ready to knock you off your path. I am not a football fan. The games were tolerated in high school because there was no other place to go on a Friday night at game time. I never […]

Word and world 1 - KCL

Top Bible Verses from 2016

Focusing on Bible verses that speak to my heart helps me to take the better steps through my year Bible verses that keep coming up are usually trying to help me learn something. I am not alone. The website, Bible Gateway, shared the top Bible verses of their visitors for 2016. I use the website […]


Marriage Tips from the Husband Whisperer

I love my husband – but I confess I don’t always like my husband. He can be annoying. He can be short tempered. He can push my buttons until I want to hurt him. I, on the other hand, and always calm, cool, and collected . . . and only a little bit delusional. My […]