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Reflections and HOPE - Sunday

Make the Choice for Now

“In a minute.” I live in a house where this phrase is used with ease and comfort – and usually to mean that I never have an intention of doing what is being asked . . . in a minute, an hour, or ever. My children do it. I will ask them to fulfill a […]

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Quot eof the Day - Thursday

Quote of the Day – Think Big – April 27 2017

Quote of the day for Thursday, April 27, 2017 Think big. Always do your best. Keep trying to figure out better.” It starts with a dream. Every day I encourage my sons to dream – dream about what others declare impossible or what others dare not try. Dreams are the building blocks that will create […]

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Reflections and HOPE archives

Breaking the Cycle of Do Nothing

Reflections and HOPE – Breaking the Cycle of Do Nothing I have the tools. I have the plan. I have the answers. They are all right there, lined up neatly in front of me. I choose to do something else – actually, I choose to do nothing at all. “You deserve some time off.” People […]

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