31 Day Challenge – See the Light

There are only three days left on my sheet to check off. Yesterday was the first day that I did not write something about my experience and that’s because I was busy checking off those blocks. Even spending most of the day away from home I still got them all checked off. It feels better than I could ever explain.

Several years ago I joined a friend in a 40 Day Challenge that called for me to DO certain activities every day. It was the basis for my own 31 Day Challenge. I remember then being so blessed with all that I was doing and not being tired or worn out by it. I wonder why it has been so easy to walk away form that.

Now that I have come so far with being consistent I am ready to push even farther. Some of my tasks will be adjusted and some with be combined but all will be continued. I am trying to do the things that I know God wants me to do each day of my life and just leave the rest up to him.

I am consistent. I have been consistent all of this time. I just tended to lean towards negative consistency despite my normally positive attitude. Shifting to good required a few changes in my life.

It turns out that change is not as difficult as I have been lead to believe. Big changes start with little steps that are followed through one at a time. Change is continuous and guided by consistency – consistency for good or consistency for bad. I now understand that I can choose good consistency each and every day without any more effort than choosing bad.

Are you ready to shift your life to positive consistency?

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