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Avoid the Rabbit Hole with the Right Focus

My morning began with a revelation that led to excited peace . . . I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but I promise it is a real place. The day then blew up into great opportunities that lead to my mind spinning in anticipation.

The Right Focus Avoids the Rabbit Hole

The Right Focus Helps Me Avoid the Rabbit Hole

I saw the rabbit and was just about to follow him down his hole when I remembered that my excited peace came from a new focus and that this particular rabbit did not have that focus in mind.

I let him go on his merry way and I turned it over to God. “Lord, I don’t know where he is going but I know that you have it all in your hands.”

It is not easy letting that rabbit go. I want to chase him. I want to know what he is up to. I want to see for myself where he is going to lead.

Even right now, knowing that my focus leads in a different direction, I feel the pull of that rabbit hole. “What if . . .” “You need to be prepared.” “You have to understand the end.”

Giving voice to my concerns makes it a little easier for me to turn away from the temptation the rabbit holds out. I know that there will be lots going on around me and some of it will even be designed for me but most of it will be distractions that keep me from my appointed place.

I will never get to where I know to be if I invest all my time and energy chasing rabbits. I have to shake off the desire to slide down the rabbit hole and remember the focus that was driving me to my determined destination.

Be blessed,

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