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I started telling stories as soon as I started speaking. Words fascinated me and the power those words had over others (and over me) was equally intriguing. My desire to pursue words made me a hungry reader – sometimes devouring a book a day. I knew that I wanted words to be a part of my life, but fear and the advice “they” gave me led me in a different direction.

I received my first rejection letter when I was still in high school. It actually was a request for parental release because I was a minor. Fear said, “You will never be good enough.” The people around me also reminded me that they were called “starving artists” for a reason. “Do something to earn a living.” They said.

It took me two decades to get past the fear (although it daily tries to creep its way back into my journey). I am still fighting the words and advice “they” have to offer.

I love words and I believe that sharing the words with you is the best path I could ever pursue.

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Tourism Literature

Mystery Rock



The Husband Whisperer

Place in Purpose

Practical Proverbs



Journey Through Reflections, Five Volumes