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A quick moment of hope and encouragement that connects and supports the weekly #GrowingHOPE moment on YouTube

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Truth and Consequences (of We the People)

from the Archives of Reflections and HOPE for 11-29-15 Here is the whole truth. There is no man or woman here on this earth capable or qualified to run our country. The founding fathers got that concept – but we seem to have forgotten. We run around nit-picking the minutiae of people we disagree with […]

Reflections and HOPE - Sunday

Make the Choice for Now

“In a minute.” I live in a house where this phrase is used with ease and comfort – and usually to mean that I never have an intention of doing what is being asked . . . in a minute, an hour, or ever. My children do it. I will ask them to fulfill a […]

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Breaking the Cycle of Do Nothing

Reflections and HOPE – Breaking the Cycle of Do Nothing I have the tools. I have the plan. I have the answers. They are all right there, lined up neatly in front of me. I choose to do something else – actually, I choose to do nothing at all. “You deserve some time off.” People […]

Reflections and HOPE archives

Why I Quit church

I stopped attending regular worship service over a year ago. We are a one car family – and my older sons needed to be places on Sunday morning. That meant that we had to drive them there if we wanted to have access to the car. It was as good a reason as any. My […]

Reflections and HOPE archives

Finding the Unique Path for Your Design

#IamMe The labels, demands, and accusations have been flying. They always come, but it seems the atmosphere has created a perfect storm for them to take flight. 1. The internet makes it easier to “be anonymous” 2. It has become acceptable to equate a person with the ideas of the person (so attacking either is […]

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The Reality of Truth

I typed the response that needed to be shared. She had it wrong. She was sharing misinformation and she likes to know the truth. I needed to tell her the truth. I looked at the response for a moment. The words offered no controversy and no confrontation. They were simple explanations of what was really […]

Reflections and HOPE archives

Joy Sharing through a Hair Cut

This morning I woke up, shook my head, and was ready to face the day. That’s saying a LOT. Most days I have to negotiate with my hair about what we can and cannot do – especially when the weather is wacky. My hair is simple – curly and bit and lots of it. Cutting […]