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It is ALL about relationships – ideas, tips, and stories for growing up foundational relationships for life

Why I Can't Make My Husband Happy

Why I Can’t Make My Husband Happy

“I don’t like you very much.” Several years back, my husband and I were sitting on the couch watching television together. The boys were tucked in their beds and we had a moment of just us. He took the quick commercial break to share his thoughts with me. He even added to them. “Sometimes I […]

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30 Day Challenge to Spring Forward Just One at a Time

For those of you who have talked to me for more than a moment, you know how I feel about “Government Steals the Morning” time (as I prefer to refer to DST). Claiming this spring forward concept is my way of defeating the negatives and finding a positive spin for the situation. The weather has […]

3-9-17 focusing on self

Investing in Others Begins with Knowing Self

I know that investing in others is key to living out a life encouraged. I know that giving will always result in receiving. I also know that if I do all in my own strength or with my own strength then that strength will run out. The moment happened. I hit a wall so tall […]

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The Simple Truth of Addiction

The truth is the truth – it should be that simple. It IS that simple. We invest a lot of time and energy making it complicated. I was raised in a house where it was okay to smoke and okay to drink. Maybe it wasn’t okay, but it wasn’t stopped. I watched as many of […]

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God’s Got This – Living Faith Out Loud

God’s got this. Sometimes that phrase is the only thing that gets me through. We had a fight. It is not the first time we have had this fight and I could take both sides of the argument with ease . . . I know it that well. This time was different. This time I […]


Marriage Tips from the Husband Whisperer

I love my husband – but I confess I don’t always like my husband. He can be annoying. He can be short tempered. He can push my buttons until I want to hurt him. I, on the other hand, and always calm, cool, and collected . . . and only a little bit delusional. My […]

Relationships 5 - KCL

Discovering the Truth from Chad Le Clos

Chad Le Clos had my attention and I decided it was time to learn more The internet was on fire with his taunting and then blew up once again at this loss. I got on board when I saw him looking to the side at the other swimmers instead of looking at the goal – […]

5-18-15 defeat worry feature

Beyond Emotions and Reactions

Emotions drive actions and sometimes that leaves me in a ditch. Emotions can fuel powerful words that ignite emotions in others. Emotions can have a positive side, but they can also have a dark side. I have to find the balance if I am going to keep emotions from driving me into that ditch. “Quick! […]

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A Trio of Inspiration to Ignite Pursuit of Purpose

The inspiration that I invest in today will determine the direction of my tomorrow Gathering inspiration provides the fuel I need to reach my place of bold living and success. Without a steady flow of inspiration and hope, my momentum slows – or worse, it stops altogether. Finding a trio of encouragers has allowed me […]

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Family Projects and Keeping Harmony

Family Harmony Can Remain through the Latest DIY Project I wrote absolutely NOTHING all day long. My husband went to help a friend and left me at home, alone, with the kids. Home alone means one definite thing (especially when I have just created a master list of want to do projects). It was time […]