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Thoughts from the Book of Proverbs and other guiding Scriptures

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Judge Not Does NOT Mean Accept All

Judge not so that you won’t be judged.” – from Matthew 7:1 I have a unique design and place on this earth. I have learned (from trial and error I might add) that my place is not on the judgment seat. There have been times when I looked around and declared how wrong my husband […]

Living the Proverbs Life

Remember the Much Done To Keep Getting Much Done

“It’s Wonder Woman Wednesday.” The post greeted me from J’Que – always an inspiration, she shared the perfect words of encouragement to start my day: There’s no time for quitting! You’ve come too far now. Rest, take a breather, refresh yourself, but then get back on the journey. The road is not nearly as long […]

Scripture Word Proverbs Life

God’s Got This – Dare to Believe

Trust that God’s got this and you find your path to peace. Some days you wake up and you know God’s got this. Other days you wake up and desperately need reminding. Today was a wake-up and know kind of day. In part, because I went to bed with the peace that passes all understanding […]

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Labels Are for Canned Goods

Labels Are for Canned Goods Another day, another ribbon, another “share if you care” request – it’s too much. Right now, there is a National or International day for almost every day of the year. You read that right – EVERY DAY. That means if you follow what they say, you never have to think […]

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Surviving Life to Receive the Crown of the Proverbs Woman

Blessed is the woman that perserverse under trial (and through the chaos of life) because after she stands strong through these trials and these tests she will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised.” – Kathryn The Proverbs woman never mentions struggles or down times. She is always going and always doing […]

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How to Judge a Feminist

The post about a feminist caught my attention – not because it was offense or because it was wrong, but because it got me thinking. I grew up in a home where people were. What I mean is that they were just people – not color, or religion, or even sex. People were people. I […]

Word and world 3 - KCL

Scripture Heals the Gap

Put Scripture first if you want to ensure a health relationship with God and a simpler life for you The song caught my attention. It had a great beat and you could dance to it. I halfway listened for most of the song and then I caught the words from the chorus. “I grew up […]

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Top Bible Verses from 2016

Focusing on Bible verses that speak to my heart helps me to take the better steps through my year Bible verses that keep coming up are usually trying to help me learn something. I am not alone. The website, Bible Gateway, shared the top Bible verses of their visitors for 2016. I use the website […]

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The Word First

The Word used to be the first thing that touched my eyes – short of stumbling around to get dressed and to get coffee. I touched no electronics or made any contact with others. I tried not to even think about my to-do list. The Word came first. I fell out of the habit the […]

Word and world 1 - KCL

Proverbs Reflects on Value of Elections

One election down – local – run off elections and state and national elections to go – and already I am hearing the cry of foreboding about what lies ahead. Some of those cries have come from my own mouth. THEY will mess it up even worse. THEY will keep making the same mistakes. THEY […]