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Satire, flash-fiction, and parables.

Fiction Stories from Kathryn Lang

5 Little Words Help Hack the Block

Read “The Coming Storm” by Kathryn C Lang Flash Fiction Word War to Defeat Writer’s Block or just to have some Saturday fun Getting the words moving can be a challenge – on the best of days. Walking away from the current work in progress and tackling something new or different can be the perfect […]

Saturday Fun

Just for Fun – Take the Test

This past week I met with a dozen writers to talk about personality. It turns out that even writers – all in the same general field – have a wide range of personalities. Maybe there is something to this idea of all people are unique. The challenge was to read the book “Fascinate – How […]

Random Words - Fiction

Random Word Fun – Saturday, April 15, 2017

Writer’s block garners much attention when writers come together. It matters little what industry, what focus, or what level the writers may be. It seems that “block” plagues them all. I defy writer’s block – in part because I don’t believe it exists. I have found that if I write – something, anything, anywhere – […]

He is watching

The Letter

The words were probably Latin. She knew that he preferred to write to her in that dead language. Her instinct was to wad the letter up and throw it away. The mere feeling of it made the flesh in her fingers crawl. She wanted to toss the letter. She needed to toss the letter. Instead […]

Random Words - Fiction

The Sin Sermon

“Sin will kill you!” I was pretty sure the preacher was talking directly to me, at least he was pointing directly in my direction. It was my first time back in the church in over a month. There always seemed to be something that got in the way of my attendance. Maybe it was sin. […]