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Encouragement, purpose focus, and other thoughts that grow up hearts open to pursue the extraordinary

Growing HOPE - 1st Monday

Declaration of My Independence

My son handed me a scroll. When I unrolled it the words “This is a Declaration of Independence” stared back at me. I had just finished thanking some friends and fellow journeyors for challenging me to step out. The words he shared connected with the idea I was trying to form. I declare my independence […]

Growing HOPE 4 - KCL

Positive Thoughts Create Possibilities

Focusing on positive thoughts helps me create a world of possibilities I sat in a conversation about possibilities and listened to incredible ideas and fantastical dreams. I then took a bucket of cold water and poured it all over the flames of their inspiration. Even a rainbows and lollipops host – and a mom that […]

Growing HOPE - KCL

The Year to Keep it Simple

Several years back I was challenged by my Facebook friend, Dana, to choose a theme word for the upcoming year. Each year since, I have continued on with that challenge. Each year since, I have added on to that challenge. (themes and focuses for 2014 and 2015) It has grown up into my massive four […]

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Make the Most of Where You Are with #GrowingHOPE

I have to make the most of where I am if I am going to learn to enjoy the journey. My fascination with the circus goes back almost farther than I can remember. The small, traveling circus parked next to my grandfather’s house and I loved seeing the animals and the performers. I read a […]

Reflections and HOPE archives

Wobbles Wreck the Way

I declared my goals. I took a stand and made a plan for my goals. I took bold and specific steps towards y goals. I woke up the next morning with a sty – which for those of us without a clue is really an eyelash pimple – YES and EYELASH pimple. It forced me […]

Growing HOPE - KCL

Big Change Comes from Choices

I want more than what I have now. I deserve more. I NEED more. My pleas went up to heaven, or I hoped they did. The week of grey days and bad news had left me wondering if my prayers might be getting snagged on my ceiling tiles. “You are where you choose to be.” […]

Keep Stepping to Build a Habit of Persistence

The only way I can reach my destination is if I take as step and then I keep stepping until I arrive. The one step won’t get me there. Even the second step will not likely get me there – if it is a BIG DREAM goal. It will take persistent stepping to move me […]

Growing HOPE 4 - KCL

Standing Out Grows Up Uniquness

The problem isn’t that you play a snare drum. The problem is that you play your snare drum in a room full of snare drums and then wonder why no one can pick you out of the crowd. Stop being a drum in a room full of drums.” @IamDavidVaughan I had to read the post […]

Growing HOPE - 1st Monday

Change in Focus Creates a Life Well-Lived

Maybe you answered the call but at some point gave up. You started down the road but decided to retire or settle, and at some point you let go. You settled for good when you were called to greatness.” – Jeff Goins I read the words in a book as the song “I Can Only […]