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Tuesday Top Ten lists and Tips for building a life in purpose and on purpose

Tips and Top 10 Lists

How to Escape from Big Facebook Frenzy

Oops – I did it again. I found a random comment on a random social media and after investing too much time doing too much research to find the root of the story I knew the truth. I wrote out an amazing rebuttal to the original post pointing out the details of the truth, the […]

Make More Margin by Blocking the Noise

The noise takes up the margin space needed to live a fulfilled and overflowing life. Break the cycle of noise and break open a world of possibilities for living in the peace. Brad, leggings, and microwaves – what do these three things have in common. NOTHING. They have nothing in common because they are nothing […]

Kick Crazy to the Curb

Crazy is like dust during a drought – if will find its way into every space and opening if you don’t prepare, plan, and protect yourself. I fell back into crazy. I didn’t slip back a little at a time. Instead, I seemed to jump full force on that hamster wheel and then I began […]

Tips and Top 10 Lists

Taking Little Steps to Make Big Changes

Life seems to get in the way of the pursuit of my goals. Even when I have a great plan and fierce determination, life can cause a hiccup (or a sneeze in this case). I plan on big things and big changes, and find myself slowing down, shuffling along in little steps, or worse, up […]

3 Tips for Finding the Little Extras

3 Tips for Finding the Little Extras

Finding Little extras can go a long way in pushing me to the next step of success My day did NOT go as planned. The phone call that had all of my answers did not come – instead I received an email telling me that I had to find my answers down another path. The […]

Tips and Top 10 Lists

I Can Do More

I can do more, the problem I have encountered is that when I do a lot then I want to take a break and when I take a break then I don’t want to do more. But I can do more. Today was a great example of my ability to do more. I got it […]

Kathryn Lang #GrowingHOPE

Distraction Confession

Distractions are EVERYWHERE. It may look innocent. It may seem like nothing. It may just be a distraction ready to knock you off your path. I am not a football fan. The games were tolerated in high school because there was no other place to go on a Friday night at game time. I never […]

Tips and Top 10 Lists

Resolution Revolution

Down with the resolutions. Every year I have resolved to not do something, to give something up, or to take something on. I focus on making it happen. I make a plan to get it done. My resolve usually fades by February. This year, in the same pattern of MY WAY that led my White […]

6-3-16 life to procrastination

Revealing Procrastination

Procrastination is a liar. I probably have known this all along, but I diverted my eyes to avoid being forced to look at the truth head on. Procrastination says I am just waiting. Procrastination cajoles me into compliance by making me think that I am only putting something off for another time. Procrastination fills me […]