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How to Define Joy So You Can Live in Joy

The joy of the Lord is my strength – it is one of the first things that I think of when joy comes to mind – that, and all of the decoration my mom had around the house. Her name was Joy and being a “Joy” meant folks sent a lot of joy items her way.

Joy has always held a foundational place in my journey. I think that firm planting of joy is one of the main reasons that I have been able to rejoice when loved ones pass or challenges arise.

My husband did not grow up with that same foundation and so I found myself challenged to define joy to him on more than once occasion. I usually failed.

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Joy Defined

My writing and teaching in August focused on Joy. Even my personal study tilted towards Joy.

I have always believed that living a life in Joy would make it not only possible but worthwhile. Although trials, storms, ands struggles come up, having Joy as my foundation makes it possible to push through.

But I have tried to explain that to others – the importance of Joy – and those others look at me sideways. Okay, people often look at me sideways, but these particular folks were trying to figure out what I meant by Joy.

I tried to explain, but never could catch that particular unicorn. The other night I was watching a television show where a man was explaining about hearing music for the first time. “It was like hearing a sunrise.”

“THAT’S IT!” I found the unicorn. Joy is like being caught in the sunrise – it is the essence of warmth and comfort and strength all rolled together in confident boldness.

Although when I share this unicorn concept of Joy with some folks, they still look at me sideways. I am okay with that – I will just hang out here in my sunrise and know that it will be okay.

Wrangle Joy

I determined to wrangle in joy so that I could hold it up and show my husband what he needed and how he could get there. What I discovered was that my own idea of joy was smaller than joy. Despite my hate for boxes, I had managed to confine joy to my own lacking box.

Visiting with others and listening to others and reading from others- all about joy and the essence of joy – helped open my eyes to the more that was available if I would only see and choose.

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How do you choose joy? Be sure to take a moment and share your joy thoughts below or to share your definition of joy.

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