Definition of Hope

Definition of Hope

What is the right definition of hope?


Someone recently asked me to give my definition of hope, or more precisely, she asked me what hope meant to me. Possible was the first word that came to my mind. I know that with hope, all things become possible. But hope is so much more than possible.

Is there a “best” definition of hope?


When I picture hope, an image of a fortified tower comes to mind. It protects and shields from the attacks. Hope offers up these same attributes. It protects the soul and shields the heart. But hope is so much bigger than strength.

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The foundation where hope stands has been built with the promises of God. This foundation is about Him – what He has done and what He will do, as well as Who and What He is. But hope encompasses so much more than promise.

Can hope be defined or will that confine it into something less than it is?


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The peace that passes all understanding shows up in the life where a heart fully rests in hope. It is not about what is seen, but about what is known. And still, hope holds so much more than peace.

I have been thinking about her questions since I first read over it. Hope seems impossible to define and yet it is so fundamental in my journey. It seems so intangible and yet it holds me up and drives me forward.

What is my definition of hope? I would have to say that hope is the promise of possibility that comes from a settled and unquestionable understanding (a peace) in God and through God that produces strength in the storm, through the storm, and from the storm.

Be blessed,

What is your definition of hope? Take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Kathryn Lang

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