Developing a Life Encouraged

Courage makes it possible to push on when everything in you says to stop. Think about the word ENCOURAGE for a moment. It means that you are IN the place that allows for COURAGE in your life. Look for ways to grow in courage so that you can live a life encouraged.

Tips for Growing Courage

    1. “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford. Start putting thoughts into your mind that grow the ability to can and dig out those weeds of can’t that have been planted over the years.

    2. Step around the situation for a moment and look at it from all angles. The pause in reaction and the chance to review the facts often reveals a silver lining that might otherwise have remained hidden.

    3. “There is nothing better for you in this life than to eat and drink and be glad. These attitudes bring joy to the heart that will follow you to all the work that you do in your days.” – from Ecclesiastes 8:15. Find ways to enjoy the journey instead of looking for ways to complain. It takes about the same amount of energy for both, but one will drag you down while the other builds you up.

    4. Give comfort to those around you and you will discover that lifting them up comforts your heart as well. Life will continue to throw struggles at us until something sticks. Be like the duck and let those troubles roll off your back.

    5. Remember the size and severity of a problem is determined by one major factor. Whether or not it is happening to you. Never measure the severity of the troubles of others and choose instead just to reach out with a heart of compassion and comfort.

    6. Build up a reservoir of things that make you smile and give you a bounce in your step. Make a CD of those songs that make you want to dance. Create a spot where you can go to recharge (I call this my happy place). Fill your life with other people that speak words of hope, help and encouragement.

“Living as an encourager starts by being encouraged.” (from Practical Proverbs) Make plans today to begin filling your life with courage so that you can live a life that brings encouragement to all that you encounter.

Kathryn Lang writes and speaks on subjects that focus on the good, positive and uplifting and ideas that seek to provide inspiration and motivation for the hearts and lives of others. You can get more tips about living an encouraged life with her new book, “Practical Proverbs,” coming out this summer in eReader and paper forms. The book will focus on 8 traits from Proverbs and practical tips to make those traits a part of your life.

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