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Don't Play Catch Up – Learn to Keep Up

My goal for this year is to do it all.  I’m trying to start up a content writing career, maintain my home, homeschool my two boys, take care of the new one year old, finish editing my novel (and find an agent), write a bible study, and get in shape. 


So far the only thing I have done consistently is fail!


A friend suggested that I had too much on my plate.  I wrote out a detailed schedule.  I even set aside time for doing nothing.  The numbers don’t lie; there is time to do it all.  My problem is that I’m trying to pile all the leftovers onto a full plate!  If I could just keep doing what I have to do, I wouldn’t feel the need to catch up.


The keeping up is easier than the catching up.  But how do I keep up?  I’ve made the schedule, the to-do list, and every other formula that I’ve read about.  At the end of the week, I still haven’t posted to my blog (one of my resolutions), finished my assignments, mopped the floor, dusted the furniture, or even touched my novel.


I’ve decided to take Paul’s advice and just forget about those things that are behind and reach towards the goal right now.


            I will work for today.  Thinking and focusing on either the past or the future does not get anything done right now. 


            I will prioritize what I need to get done.  I have to get the to-dos in order.  


            I will do things in the order of priority.  First thing in the morning, I will do the most important items on my list.  By getting them done when I am fresh, I free up my day to tackle other projects that are not as time sensitive. 


I will use my spare time to catch up on past projects or to get a jump on future tasks.  If I don’t feel pressured to do things, I’m more likely to want to do them. 


I will not schedule my weekends.  I want this time free for family, fun, and complete relaxation.  If I don’t have it scheduled then I won’t feel bad about not doing anything.  If I have done all of my must do’s, then I will be free to enjoy the not doing that much more.


I know I am capable of succeeding in all that I see for my life.  I know that there is time enough in the days to work, play, and relax.  I’ve just got to get myself in the habit of doing things in a way that allows me to do them all. 

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