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Finding Inspiration for Writing

It’s amazing where we end up getting our inspiration. A sunset can launch a sonnet. The right encounter could start (or make the perfect conclusion) for the next great novel. A child’s next “first” is the perfect jumping off point for a “how to” blog.

My inspiration comes from my new lap top. It’s not that it’s exciting or that it’s anything special really. The inspiration comes because I want to use it. I want to write an article that I can save onto my flash drive and load into my desktop. It would be a great accomplishment (especially since just three hours ago the stupid thing wouldn’t even work).

The thing is that inspiration can come from anywhere. There is no rule, and usually there is no rhyme or reason. You make magic happening by snatching up those moments and getting them on paper. If you have to use the back of a napkin, then do. Just don’t let that next great inspiration slip by without acknowledging it.

As for me, this article will definitely spark another one (probably about how much I HATE vista). That’s often how it works for me. Once I get started, they tend to flow to the point of ridiculous. Maybe now that I have this laptop, I’ll overflow so much that I become rich and famous.

It could happen you know ;).

What is the best way for you to launch your inspiration? If you aren’t sure, then think about those times when you couldn’t seem to stop writing. What set you off? If you haven’t had that happen to you yet, just keep writing and it will.

Here are some great points for getting going:

1. Listen to your favorite music. Get up and move it you want. Make sure that you get lost in the lyrics and the beat.

2. Take a walk. Through the mall or through the park doesn’t matter. Watching people is just as beneficial as getting away from it all. The key is to let your mind wander.

3. Keep a journal. Sometimes the very act of writing anything can start the process of writing something valuable. Think of the journal as the primer for your writing engine.

4. Read a good book. Reading is one of the best things a writer can do.

5. Visit other blogs. Not only will this light the fire of inspiration, but it will also connect you to the blogging community.

Keep trying new things, and keep a list of the ones that work for you. When you get in a bind or when you don’t think you can write, look to your list and your inspiration should follow.

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