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Finding the Unique Path for Your Design

You have a unique path and it begins with embracing the idea of #IamMe

The labels, demands, and accusations have been flying. They always come, but it seems the atmosphere has created a perfect storm for them to take flight.

    1. The internet makes it easier to “be anonymous”
    2. It has become acceptable to equate a person with the ideas of the person (so attacking either is okay)
    3. Yelling down the opposition is considered proper debate etiquette

A while back I shared my disdain for labels. I challenged some friends on social media to stop trying to fit into a box and to declare #IamMe. This morning I woke up and reflected on my journey.

Three paths stood before me (cause two would be too easy).

One was all about helping – which I know is part of my journey.
One was about my words.
One was about working for others.

Just yesterday, I had been excited about the third path – the opportunity to have the comfort and convenience of someone else footing the bill. I had been consistently applying for opportunities to spread my content writing wings – after all, that would still be me setting a foundation on my words.

Just this morning, I felt comfortable and confident in the path for helping others. I plotted out ideas for the next two years. I began the process of the “go big or stay home moment.” I knew it was the right thing.

I took a moment to map out the three paths, side by side. I thought I knew which one was the right one (the one I believed most aligned with what I saw as my unique path), but I also knew I needed more to be sure.

How do you define the idea of #IamMe

How #IAMMe

I am uniquely designed by God on purpose and for a purpose. My unique place is to lift up, stir up, and cheer up the Children of God. I am an encourager – by nature and by nurture. I help others find their hope in the storms of life. I am the fire that ignites the spark of possibility. I am the tornado that stirs up the faith. These words have been spoken to me or over me over the last fifteen years.

I am determined – when I want to be. With a mix of feisty, bold, and resourceful, I can get it done. I do better when others are paddling along with me but I have been known to paddle upstream alone when pushed.

I am positive – if you have spent more than a moment with me then you know I am going to find that silver lining if I have to squeeze the storm clouds until they cry.

I am funny – or maybe it’s more that I like to have fun. Playing with words, throwing quick-witted comments, and laughing are essential to keeping me moving in the right direction.

I am willing – I know that I can. I know that YOU can. I am sincere in my desire to help and support and organize.

Each of these points came about when Wade Kwon challenged us to define our brand by asking people to give us five to ten words that described us. I took those lists and then found the common elements – and not just the common elements but how those might look from the outside in.

I took this list and held it up to my three paths. I could see a clear direction, but I wanted to be sure.

The White Board of World Domination

The WhiteBoard of World Domination helps you pursue your unique path.

    The WBWD has the four areas I want to focus on for 2017 – for me that’s writing, work, stewardship, and health.

    Each focus has a target goal – a BIG DREAM goal if you will.

    Each goal is broken down into three measurable areas – daily, monthly, and weekly tasks.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. My plan this year has been balanced on this idea. The more complicated the system the more likely I am going to leave it in the notebook and just start doing things hoping to get results.

My White Board of World Domination takes up about on quarter of my office wall. I stared at that board – with my list and my paths in front of me.

It was clear – crystal clear – about where I wanted to go. I could understand my unique path.

Learn more about my journey into the Snarky Rainbows brand

Now, the key is to make the choices (and the sacrifices) that will get me there.

You Have a Unique Path

You are unique in all the world. You have been designed on purpose and for a purpose. It is not complicated – we just work hard to make it that way.

    1. Define your #IamME characteristics. Get five to ten people you trust and respect to provide you with a list of words that they feel describes the essence of you. Use this list to begin crafting an image of the “you brand.”

    2. Look at your journey – where you are right at this moment. As you look you will begin to see opportunities (big and small) that could lead you down a different path. Begin to write these out.

    3. Determine your heart’s desire. Write out five to ten things that you want to accomplish or do before the end of the year (the end of the month, the end of ten years). The more you write out your dreams the more fuel you provide to turn those dreams into reality.

    4. Meditate on the results. Try to envision how they look. Try to imagine what a day would be like in these results. Ponder the things in your heart.

    5. When it becomes crystal clear – and it will – be ready to leap.

There are plenty of opportunities to do the wrong thing every day of my life. There are just as many opportunities to do the good things. I want to have the life I was designed to live – called to live – and that means digging past the wrong things, the good things, and even the better things until I uncover and unlock the unique and best things specifically for me.

Are you ready to dig into your possibilities? Share your thoughts in the comments below about how you are walking down your unique path.

Be blessed,

# # #

It is time!

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