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Get Hottied Up

Esther danced through my thoughts the other day. There are so many times when I am asked to do something I know I am here to do and I avoid the issue because I do not want to have to pay the price of my time or deal with the inconvenience. Esther was asked to do something that would possibly cost her life.

She said yes.

Not only did she say yes, but she put in the extra effort to get ready for the endeavor. She trained for the marathon. And she had the audacity to ask others to train with her. Esther did not roll out of the bed one morning and jump into the prompting of God. She prepared for His purpose.

Esther fasted and had the Nation of Israel fast with her. She bathed in oils and scents so she was clean and fresh. Esther put on her finest garment, had her hair done, and set the stage for her entrance. Only then did she step into the court of the king where her life would be at risk.

There was no hesitation from the king. He took one look at Esther and said, “Wow! Come here baby and let me get a better look.” (New Southern Version). She then rinsed and repeated until the king was so pleased he offered her whatever she asked.

The more I thought about the process that Esther took then the more I wondered if I am preparing for a miracle from God in my own life or if I am just expecting that miracle to occur. There are very few days that I spend the time or effort necessary to get hottied up – spiritually or physically. Some days I just roll out and face life in my jammies if I face it at all. There are those days that I think I can ignore it and it will all go away.

Maybe my attitude would be different if my life depended on my actions. Then again, if I were honest about it all I would admit that not only does my life depend on it, but so does that of my family.

What are you willing to do to prepare for the miracles God has for your life?

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