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Get Ready for Work

This morning I got up, had some quiet time with God, did a short work out, and then got ready for work. When I say “got ready for work,” I mean that I fixed my hair, picked out and put on an outfit, and put on shoes.

For those of you who are unaware, I work at home. I’m a homeschool mom, a full-time mom, and a freelance writer. Up until this morning, I had never thought about the importance of preparing myself both mentally and physically for work. There was never a doubt it WAS work. It just seemed that it was the kind of work you could roll out of bed and do (actually have done 😉 ).

It’s amazing how much more I was able to get done just simply by getting ready for work. Laundry, shopping, family time, naps, and a menu for the next three weeks are all done and there is still half the day left.

My motivation was a combination of a suggestion that I heard at a conference this past weekend, and the implication from some guy (dare I say my husband) that I don’t contribute to the family income. If I’m going to claim that staying at home is a job in and of its self then I need to start acting like I’m going to that job.

I’m taking it a step farther (another tip from this weekend) and posting a time when my children’s day starts. They are expected to have had breakfast AND done the morning chores before that time.

Being the optimist that I am, I know that this is the system that will get my family motivated and on track. Being the writer that I am, I expect that this adventure will be the beginning of many fun and colorful articles.


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