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You are unique. Sometimes it may feel like you are just one of a million instead of one in a million. Sometimes it may seem like the dreams you have are more of a mirage. Sometimes it may become tough to take another step.

Jordan says: Kathryn helped me understand that I am the only one standing in the way of my dreams."

It is not complicated – we just put a lot of time and effort into making it that way. Once we begin to pull back the layers of expectations, education, society, and fears then we can see the unique seed planted and then begin to grow up that seed into endless possibilities.

I am here to help you. Contact me today or sign up for a personal coaching session below.

1-24-15 you can fly

Nicole says: Kathryn drills down and focuses in on that amazing and unique gift inside you."

Sometimes we need more - more focus, more encouragement, and more support to uncover the uniqueness that lies within.

Build a Foundation

Create a focus for your life. Dig down to the unique you created in the beginning. Learn why you are here at this moment. Discover what you can do with that understanding. Develop a plan for how you can begin moving towards your success. Map out the path for taking your steps.

This coaching package provides you with:

* 16 - one hour phone consultations
* 16 - weekly challenges with work reviewed
* 16 - weekly podcast inspirational messages
* 16 - weekly email check up and encouragement

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Malhenzi says: Kathryn reminds me to never lose hope and that with support and inspiration it is possible to bring dreams to life."

I want to encourage you on this journey to your unique design.

Ready to kickstart your purpose journey?

Challenged to Change

lightbulbIt starts with an idea or a dream that wells up in your heart and then takes root in your mind until it hogs all of your imagination and free thinking time. You will invest a week working through the dust and debris kicked up by the world and the people around you so that you can give life to that idea or that dream and then begin to watch it grow.

direction 2Next, it needs a guideline or an outline. This is where the White Board of World Domination comes into practice. It will give you the main elements of your idea and what each element needs to bring it into the complete puzzle picture.

keys 2Third, the key to lasting success is the right focus. The Focus Folder printouts include templates for daily time management, weekly objectives that correspond with the White Board, and monthly check lists to allow for simple measurements so that you can see the return on your investment.

time 2Finally, this challenge to change will help you create the lasting schedule that is solid in purpose but flexible in execution – because you have to know where you are going but you also have to be flexible to deal with the traffic jams, roads under construction, and other life challenges that will likely come up along the way.

Are you ready to create your change and dominate your world? This four week course is available today for only $37.

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