I am Pro-Choices

Choices dictate every aspect of life. I prefer to make the choices for my life and my family. I do not want other people that do not know or understand our values to make those choices for us. People have survived for centuries without the government telling them what to do. Why should now be any different?

I want the right to make the choice! Does that make me part of the pro-choice movement and a liberal? 😀

Turning Pro-Choices

  • We have chosen to turn to our family and friends when we have gotten in tight financial situations. We have chosen not to apply for food stamps, WIC or other government subsidies (although we have applied for the EIC in the past just for full disclosure).
  • We have chosen to go without whenever possible in order to make the budget balance – like Christmas, birthdays and even vacations – and made the most of what we already had. We talk to our children about finances and we work together as a family to make the most of all that we have.
  • We have chosen to purchase HSA insurance because we rarely go to the doctor. I come from a medical family, so we do not see the doctor for colds, upset stomachs or other minor issues.
  • We have chosen to homeschool our children because we enjoy being together as a family, knowing what our children are studying and working with our children in all that they are striving to achieve.
  • We have chosen to live in a smaller home with more land because that gives us freedom to do more and also requires a LOT less cleaning (not to mention fewer monthly expenses).
  • We have chosen to have internet run to our home at our own expense because I needed the higher speeds for my work online. We had to save for a year to afford the expense and until then I used dial-up.
  • We have chosen to have a large SUV because I feel safer in the bigger vehicle and because there is more room for three growing boys.

Choices are the only constant of life. The government needs to be more concerned with the choices it is making than with the ones that me and my family are making. Maybe then their budget would balance!

What are some of the choices you want to continue to make for yourself or your family?

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