persistence to overcome with Kathryn Lang

Ignore the Problem

Ignore the problem and it will go away. This thought was first suggested by someone who does not have children. Problems are like children. They are persistent in their desires are determined to get your attention one way or another. Ignoring a problem will only guarantee you more problems to add to the list.


Two and a half years ago, my husband found himself without a full-time income. My writing was picking up so I was not concerned. Each month the writing jobs thinned a little. Now and then I would review our monetary situation expecting that something had changed. As the income went down, the balance in the checkbook went with it. Now I not only HAVE to deal with the finances but I have to scramble to deal with them.


Five years ago our garden was featured in a Regional Iris Tour. The next year the hours spent cleaning and preparing were far fewer because there was no accountability. It went downhill from there. This year the regional tour comes back to our area and several people have expressed an interest in visiting. That perfectly landscaped garden is overgrown with weeds and grass. The flowers are still there, but they are hidden or diminished by the troubles that surround them. It will take ten times the amount of work to get the gardens ready as it would to have simply maintained them along the way.


Writing often dictates how my day will run. Deadlines always hide just around the corner – at least it feels that way on many days. Those days when nothing cries out for attention are the days when I settle into doing nothing. The next day I will simply rinse and repeat. Then the deadlines pop up and life comes along for the ride and I wonder how on earth I will ever manage to get anything done.

Problems, situations, or projects do not go away. Little elves do not come out of the baseboard at night to clean the mile high pile of dishes or write the dozen articles due tomorrow. The more I avoid the things that need to be done then the more things there will be to do.

Getting Beyond the Problems

  1. Start right now. I have put into practice simple steps that I can take each day (and sometimes each portion of each day) that will allow me to accomplish more and find fewer excuses not to be doing.
  2. Let go of yesterday. No matter how hard we try there is no way to bring back yesterday to change the choices or the paths. Forgive any mistakes, take wisdom and knowledge from those mistakes and move forward.
  3. Accept your limits. There are days when I know that I can conquer the world, but alone I can do nothing. I have to realize my limitations and then learn to allow Faith and Wisdom to carry me beyond the limitations dictated by my flesh.

Push through. Persistence to overcome goes a long way to overcoming. Refuse to be tricked into the idea that the problem will go away if you ignore it. Like small children, the problems will simply climb up your leg if you do not give them the attention they demand.

Stop giving Crazy the control

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