Learning to Love My Husband from Jesus

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2-12-15 love is exciting and new

Learning the Exciting and New Love from Jesus

Love him? Sometimes I don’t even like him.

I am going to step out on a limb and say that I am not the first wife to be annoyed or upset at a husband. I am not the first person on earth to want to do some sort of damage to another human being or maybe a whole flock of people. I suspect that I am not the first parent that wanted to squash the person bullying or harassing my child.

Love him? Certainly that was not what God was directing me to do. How am I supposed to love someone when the only thing I want to do is take them between my thumb and finger and crush them.

In Luke 6:35, Jesus directly confronts the issues that I am facing with people that are not so nice. He says I am to LOVE my enemies and not only that that I am to do good to them and the lend to them without expectation of return.

Love him AND do good to him? Seriously?

I would like to convince myself that maybe Jesus had no understanding of how mean she was to me. I want to press forward in my own plans because Jesus was not addressing the fact that she had is coming.

Only, when I read on it says that I am to love my enemies and do good to my enemies as a reflection of the Father who is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.

Oops, maybe he did know.

It turns out that Jesus was a rather smart guy. He seemed to be able to speak to me in my moment even when he was teaching back two thousand years ago.

So what does this love look like – this love that is not bound by emotions or feeling?

1 Corinthians 13: 4 – 8 says this:

    Love is patient.
    Love is kind.
    Love does not envy.
    Love does not boast.
    Love is not puffed up with pride.
    Love is not rude.
    Love is not self-seeking.
    Love is not easily angered.
    Love keeps NO record of wrong doings.
    Love rejoices in truth.
    Love protects.
    Love trusts.
    Love hopes.
    Love preserves.
    Lover never fails.

Wow – that is quite a to-do list. But if I make the effort to do the things that grow up this love then I will not get caught up in the mess going on around me.

Discipling Women: Damage Control

Love – not because you feel like it but because you are loved.
Love – not because they are good to you but because God is good to you.
Love – not because you want something but because God has already given you all that you will ever need.

Love – when you approach it from this direction – will be exciting and new and will make the way for you to change YOUR world.

Be blessed,

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