Making a Plan for Success

Developing Your White Board of World Domination

Having a plan makes the journey possible. It is impossible to get somewhere if there is no definition of where that place is located. It is up to me to define my destination and then map out a plan to reach it.

It all started with a hand-me-down white board another home schooling family gave us. It had been hiding out on the back porch to answer to the artistic whims of my youngest son. I reclaimed it when I kicked my oldest out of his bedroom in order to design an office/recording space/electronics room.

original white board

That first White Board of World Domination served its purpose. It kept my goal in front of me and allowed me to adjust as needed. The more I honed my focus and intent, the more I became aware of the need for something more.

After some adjustments to the space to accommodate all of the books boxed up around the house, the only open spot was the double doors to the closet. I knew how much white boards cost, and I knew that purchasing one big enough was not in my budget.

closet doors blank

Lowe’s came to the rescue.

I did some internet research and discovered that the home improvement store sold 4 x 8 sheets of a white paneling that had a similar finish to the more expensive office white boards. I also knew from experience that they have a magic saw that can cut paneling into manageable sizes (I asked for one of those magic saws for Christmas, but apparently Santa is unable to get such contraptions in his bag).

The men in the wood department were very helpful. One picked me out the perfect panel and carried it to the magic saw. The other cut my panel to my specifications (I had measured more than twice). The cuts are always right on and straight – thanks in part to the magic saw. I have used Lowe’s to make purchases in the past because of the saw.

I also purchased some industrial strength Velcro while I was at Lowe’s. With my Velcro and cut panels inhand I had all that I needed to complete my massive White Board of World Domination. My full purchase from Lowe’s was under $30.00 and I still have plenty of Velcro for future projects. The left over piece was 4 ft by 4 ft and I am still contemplating great ways to put it to work. At the moment it is being used to outline my current book project so that I can see where I need to go next. It is also being considered for a workout chart/dart scoreboard.

Getting closer
Getting closer

It was simple. I put the Velcro on the back of the panels and stuck the panels to the door. I tried to get the seam as close as possible but was alone in my efforts (my menfolk ran for the hills when I mentioned I had an idea for a project. One day I will remember not to let them know what is going on in my head). I also invested some effort into organizing the office space so that I would turn the year with a cluttered free focus.

Before I put a single word on my new panels, I created a paper mockup.

mock up of WBWD

Anatomy of the White Board of World Domination

    BIG DREAM goal – what is the top thing you want to accomplish in the upcoming year?

    WHY defined – what is your vision/mission/purpose for pursuing this goal?

    BREAK DOWN of BIG DREAM – what elements make up the big dream? What do you need to accomplish to make the BIG DREAM a reality? What pieces make up the puzzle?

    FOCUS word – one word that will define your year?

    CORNERSTONES – family challenges and tribe challenges – the things that you will do to grow up your relationships; health and learning challenges – the steps you will take to learn more and grow up more and to treat your body with reverence.

    BORDER words – one side should be the focus words of the past; one side is the review words that represent the past year.

Once I worked out all the details of my mockup, I moved it to my new panels. I used a different color of dry erase marker for each section so that they are easier for me to see from my desk.

WBWD 2016

The best part of creating my White Board of World Domination is that my family can see what I am pursuing and that gives me an extra level of support and accountability.

You may not be ready to create a White Board of World Domination as large as mine – although it was simple and inexpensive. You may be in a position to make one even larger – I have had dreams of a wall of white board, but you better not tell my husband I told you that. No matter where you are in the process, you need to write down your dreams in a way that will let you view them with ease.

The easier it is to view your dreams the more likely you will be to pursue them.

Be blessed,

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