Place in Purpose – an Excerpt

Place in Purpose

    1. Why? God First – building a relationship between you and God.
    2. Why? Others Second – creating bridges with the Body.
    3. What? It is all about me – the me created and the me I choose to become.
    4. What? God Has a Me Plan – He crafted me initially with a specific end in mind.
    5. How? It starts from the seed – the passion seed planted in my heart needs to be uncovered.
    6. How? Map the journey – create a life plan with vision, goals and objectives.
    7. When? Make the leap – find the boldness to pursue the plan – NOW!
    8. When? Keep on keeping on – develop the patient endurance that will push on to the end.

God knew me even before He formed me. People that know me will tell you that alone is proof positive that He is a loving God. I have been a complete mess at times – wandering around in the desert and even backstroking my way to Egypt once or twice. He knew what I would be and nothing I do or think catches Him off guard.

God also sanctified me and my place before He molded the first curve. I AM appointed by God for this time and this place. He ordained me before my first breath for an assignment in life that is unique to my qualities, abilities and the person that I am in Him.

A purposeful passion draws on all that you are, digs down into all that you were called to be and helps reveal the life-giving passion that serves to grow and strengthen the Kingdom of God. The time is now to begin living beyond the ordinary and expected and moving on to that life of dreams.


We invest resources to make the simple complicated. Rules, restrictions and requirements pile up until they bury the heart. No matter how high the pile becomes, the Truth remains the same. The Truth is the Truth – yesterday, today and tomorrow. Its simplicity is still hidden among the pile – you just have to be willing to muck through mess to uncover it.

The earth revolves around the sun. It sits in the perfect orbit. One degree away from the sun and it will freeze. One degree towards the sun and it will burn up. The Earth must stay in orbit – in the perfect relationship with the sun – if it is to survive.

The earth also rotates on an axis within its orbit. It spins around so that each section of the earth can receive a portion of the blessings offered by the sun. The rotations produce the light and the dark that make the days and allow for the life cycles. The earth has to do what it is supposed to do for things to thrive in the way they were designed.

People are the same as the earth. We are designed to spin around the Son – locked into an orbit focused on the Son and spinning in a place around the Son. We are placed in a particular orbit by the Master. We are called to actions within that place. We have to choose to lock into the orbit if we are going to survive. We have to choose to do our part within that place if we are going to thrive.

The pressure is on the person. Until I choose to become focused on my orbit to the point that nothing can move me from that point even one degree, then I risk death and destruction. Until I become focused on my unique place, concentrated and persistent in doing that which I was designed to accomplish, I risk missing out on all of the blessings provided for in that place.

It is simple. Make Christ the center of it all and I grow for the kingdom. Without Him, it is all dung and vanity.

It begins with the “why.”

Learn the Why – Part 1

Why am I here? That question comes up in every study or small group I have attended. It usually finds its way into any pulpit I encounter. People want to know why.
Millions have been made on the books you can read to discover why. Hundreds of tests are available to help you uncover your why. Classes and courses are hiding on every corner. Despite all that is currently available, the different tools and methods that abound, people still struggle to understand, uncover or implement their why.

I discovered a secret not too long ago. The why behind each one of us is not complicated. The why behind each one of us is not hidden. It is just that we – being the sophisticated and educated beings that we are – have managed to make it so complicated and convoluted that we struggle to find it.

KISS the Bible confusion goodbye. Keep It Simple, Saints. God did not hide the Truth in some cryptic message. As a matter of fact, scripture says that Truth is chasing us down right now. We just have to stop running, turn around and breathe in the Truth until it is the very life we breathe.

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