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The weather refuses to cooperate. Just when everything starts to get back on schedule the snow shows up to knock them all back a few steps. Every instinct says to join them in the backwards momentum.


The last several articles posted have gotten no hits. No one comments on my content the way that I see on other sites. The words sit all alone and the urge is for me to accept this lack of interest as defeat.


This was not what I expected. The hours are longer and the income is far spottier than what I thought I was signing up to see. The Gurus promised that I would be in a position to make big money overnight. I still have to work that traditional job just to pay the bills. It would take less time and energy to just give it up.


I never get sick – there is a clause in the hospital reports that require you to agree you will not get sick when you become a mother. Day four of the yuck that has sucked all of my inspiration and energy makes me want to crawl away and give up.


I sat staring at the computer screen trying to summon up at least one sentence that would begin the flow of words so that I could meet all of my deadlines. I commented on a forum and then began to formulate some thoughts into an email to an editor. Just a few minutes after hitting send he called. “Do you have time to sit down and talk about a new opportunity, tomorrow?”

Times do get tough. Everything that can go wrong seems to find a way to go wrong and usually at the same time. Buckle down, dig in and push – the breakthrough is just around the corner!

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