Quote of the Day – Dare to Believe - Kathryn C. Lang

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Quote of the Day - Tuesday

Quote of the Day – Dare to Believe

Quote of the day for Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"How I walk out my journey will be defined by how I see myself and what I dare to believe I can achieve." - Kathryn C Lang

Quote of the Day - Dare to Believe

My BIG DREAM goals are only a step away. I have to keep taking that step until I get there. I have the courage to take that next step when I believe in my possibilities so much that nobody and nothing will convince me to stop.

I have to see it in myself.

I have to believe it myself.

When I come to the place where I do see it and I do believe it then I will be positioned to walk it out.

I can have my BIG DREAM goals if I believe so much I can that I do.

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