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Studying the Book of Proverbs – Chapter One

Start your study by taking the time to read the first chapter of Proverbs. Make notes about the material or write down questions that you might have about what you are reading. It helps to have a notebook designated for the study. Be aware of any verses that stand out to you during this reading. Write down a verse if it catches your heart, mind or spirit.

More to Proverbs than Just Words

The Book of Proverbs provides more than a series of interesting sayings. Proverbs has a purpose. It might even be said that it has a multitude of purposes.

Some of the Purposes of Proverbs

    – To recognize wisdom and to look for warnings.
    – To reach for the perfect answer, because one does exist.
    – To learn how to accept the teaching.
    – To grow an ability to be continuous.
    – To teach a path of prosperity.
    – To show the rights and privileges offered to the Children of the King.
    – To develop a habit of agreement.
    – To manage the flesh by developing a plan.
    – To balance living in the world and separating from the world.

The Proverbs path may not be easy, but it is simple. Hear the words. Follow the directions. Be consistent.

Grow to the place that you want for your life. Let the words that are offered up in the Book of Proverbs become more that just words. Put them into place in your life and watch that path to peace, joy, hope and prosperity begin to clear up and smooth out.

Life is not easy, but recognizing all that the Book of Proverbs has to offer can be the beginning of understanding that it is SIMPLE.

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