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a short story 1-24-15

Definition of Hope

What is the right definition of hope? Possible. Someone recently asked me to give my definition of hope or more precisely, she asked me what hope meant to me. Possible was the first word that came to my mind. I know that with hope, all things become possible. But hope is so much more than […]

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A Rant Over Choice

“We have no choice.” I read the words and then I went back and read the word a couple of more times. I had to be missing something. This man – one that holds one of the highest political offices in one of the most powerful countries in the world – had just confessed that […]

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Door Kicking Possiblities - a Moment of HOPE

True Love Beyond the World View

We have been put into a position where we must love the unlovable. It could be that someone did something intentional to cause harm to our persons or to our reputations. It could that someone has chosen to be angry our harsh without provocation. It could be that someone drives like they are in a […]

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2-10-15 blessings

Reaching Out to Lift Myself Up

I did something different this morning. I start my day the same every day. I get my coffee, sit in my office, and do my morning Scripture reading. I then turn to my computer and check my emails and messages from overnight – because I am certain that you are so eager to talk with […]

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You follow me

Maintain Focus to Arrive at the Desired End

I sat around thinking up ways to make the living wage we needed to pay the everyday bills. My plans were detailed. My designs were determined. At the end of the week, I still wondered why the checking account rang hollow. So I talked with some folks about how to make the living wage we […]

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dream a dream

The Dream Sequence

The pastor introduced himself to me and then to Keith. He shook our hands and took a moment to get to know us. He asked Keith a couple of questions, and when I began to add to Keith’s answer, the pastor put his hand over my mouth.   I considered, just for a moment, that […]

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