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Finding Money as a Freelance Writer

Writing may be an art, but writing for a living requires finding ways to get paid for that art. Anyone can start a blog, but most blogs never break even. Many more blogs are just holes to throw money down. Anyone can write and publish a book these days, but few ever make any money […]

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Make Dreams a Reality

Dreams Can Become a Reality

If you want something bad enough then you can achieve it. Desire – that deep, burning hunger that tells you that you will not live without it – will ignite a passion to make it a reality. That passion will push me to do what needs to be done to get to that place that […]

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Traveling the Indie Path

Following the Indie Road

The indie road means exactly what it sounds like it means. Choosing to be independent –whether in the publishing industry, the music industry, or the business world – means that you are making the choice to do it on your own. You are not buying into a franchise. You are not relying on the muscle […]

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Change is the Secret to Success

Discover the Secrets for Creating Change

Building a writing career conjures up images of greatness in some minds, full of book signings, interviews and unbelievable advances. Those that have started down the path often have more nightmares than images – nightmares of looming deadlines, haunting blank pages and empty checkbooks. It takes work to build a career. That work has to […]

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Going on Vacation to Build a Writing Career

GOING on Vacation to Help a Writing Career

“We ARE going on vacation this year.” My husband announced the command while staring me down. After knowing each other for three decades, he realizes that we have very different ideas of vacation. His look told me that we were supposed to follow his idea. Building a business – whether it is a writing career […]

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