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Keep It Simple - Social Media Edition

Social Media Flushed with Fake Followers

Exopsing the Truth of Social Media Numbers Several years ago, an agent speaking at a writers conference said we needed to have a significant following on social media before we would get the attention of publishers. I challenged him to give me a number, but he had met me. He said he knew better than […]

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Reflections and HOPE archives

Joy Sharing through a Hair Cut

This morning I woke up, shook my head, and was ready to face the day. That’s saying a LOT. Most days I have to negotiate with my hair about what we can and cannot do – especially when the weather is wacky. My hair is simple – curly and bit and lots of it. Cutting […]

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The Family Relationship

Luke 14:26 declares that I should walk away from my family relationship . . . or does it? If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” Jesus said that in order […]

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3-10-15 Thank you

Etiquette is about Thinking of Others

Etiquette – a fading art that helped others feel more comfortable in their environment. [tweetthis]Defining etiquette – a fading art that allowed others to feel more comfortable in their environment[/tweetthis] The other night I received a phone call after 10 pm – well after the entire family had already shut down for the night. The […]

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Kathryn Lang signature

All About Relationships

I invested my weekend in making connections and growing some existing connections into fledgling relationships. I take that back. I invested part of my weekend in doing those things and the rest of my weekend was offered up to Netflix. So I did okay with my weekend investments, but I know I can do better. […]

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flip your focus

Change of Focus by My Husband

My husband hit a bad spot – and that mean bouts of frustration, anger, and depression (sometimes he even had rough days). When my husband is in a bad place, it puts me in a bad place. Despite my rainbows and lollipops persona, I am often directed by the attitudes around me. That leading me […]

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