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Motivation for Life

Planning for Purpose The motivation that I put to work in my life will either drive me towards my purpose or will knock me into a ditch. I have followed both paths with equal amounts of focus. The difference is not in the amount of energy required or the amount of time required – the […]

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Action or Focus

Being Active or Focused

I peddled as hard as I could to make it, but I felt like I was going nowhere fast. I leaned into the bars, put my head down and peddled even faster. I looked up then looked around and I am pretty sure I had been peddling backwards the whole time. Frustration squeezed into my […]

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I Am the Difference

I am the only one that makes a difference in my life. Others can encourage me. Others can guide me. Others can teach me. I am the only one that can make the choices required to move in the right direction. I think I have told this to my boys a zillion times. “You have […]

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