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I Am the Difference

I am the only one that makes a difference in my life. Others can encourage me. Others can guide me. Others can teach me. I am the only one that can make the choices required to move in the right direction. I think I have told this to my boys a zillion times. “You have […]

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Running Walls or Running the Race

My cat got a plastic bag wrapped around her back paw. I did not witness the initial encounter, but I got to see the aftermath. She had never been fond of plastic bags. The sound of one rattling would send her scurring from the room. Having a plastic bag chase her had turned her into […]

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Choose Change to be Productive

Commit to Change to Be Productive

I am not always productive. My Saturdays waste way – untapped of their potential. I spend most of the time curled up in front of the television catching up on the week’s series or watching reruns of shows that I may have missed. Nothing happens but the passing of time. Wednesday, I committed to doing […]

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Cheating on God

I cheated on God – and ultimately I guess I also cheated on my husband and my children. Satisfaction has taken the place of sacrifice. Desire over-ruled deeds. I have made my needs and wants a priority even when I knew that there were other things that were better for me, my family and my […]

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Beyond the Comfort Zone

Push past the place where you are right now. Taking action and taking chances will be the only way that you can ever take charge of your future. Then there is the cautious side of me that says “take the steady job and regular paycheck even it is not all that you desire.” How many […]

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