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How to Go from Busy to Action

Define Why to Find Focus Are you busy with much serving or are you active in purpose and on purpose? There is a difference in the two. One is activity that leaves you spinning your wheels in the sand while the other moves you in the direction of your target and goals. I had been […]

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Celebrating YOU 1-30-15

Developing a Habit of Acceptance

You let me worry about John. You worry about Peter.” The first time I digested these words from John 21, I about choked. I had read them many times through, but always focused on the part where Peter was going to have to suffer, blah – blah – blah. Am I the only one this […]

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Place in Purpose

Finding Your Place in Purpose

Do you know the purpose behind your creation? Did you even realize there was a purpose? Several years ago, my husband and I waded through “Purpose Driven Life” together. At the end of the book he sighed, shrugged and stated, “That’s great, now what?” My husband wanted to know his purpose and he expected the […]

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