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Helping hands

Family Projects and Keeping Harmony

Family Harmony Can Remain through the Latest DIY Project I wrote absolutely NOTHING all day long. My husband went to help a friend and left me at home, alone, with the kids. Home alone means one definite thing (especially when I have just created a master list of want to do projects). It was time […]

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focus by a husband

Attitude Adjustment and Family Woes

Developing the Focused Attitude Do what you know to do and the rest will work itself out. The concept seems simple. The execution begins to get a bit trickier – especially when you mix in other people (i.e. husband and kids). Sunday morning, I got up and tackled my to-do list with laser focus. I […]

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Facebook Causes “Bad Mommy” Syndrome

I click through all the holiday photos on Facebook and I begin to question my parenting abilities. I watch all the posts on Facebook about trips, events or activities and I begin to wonder if I am doing ANYTHING right. This parent bought his child a new car. That parent spent all night creating personalized […]

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egg crushing

Dealing with the Outside Pressure

More money has to come in from my writing. I have to find a publisher for my novel. Now is the time for landing my agent. This deadline must be met yesterday. Writers put plenty of pressure on their shoulders. Having to also take on the added pressure and complaints of the people around you […]

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The Engine of the Family

Monday morning I got up, did my prayer time, got a couple of hours work done and worked out. I then told my older children that I was going to get cleaned up from my workout and they had better be up and going by the time I came out. It was sheet day, so […]

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