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Stop the Leak

Stop Bailing with a Spoon and Fix the Leak

Everything around me seemed to be leaking – and I was out of options. I stared at my computer and the price per troy ounce the silver I had spread out around me might get me. It might pay the mortgage for a month. At that moment, might seemed better than nothing, but it was […]

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Financial Survival as a Freelance Writer

Writing for a living can get expensive. Payments seem to avoid coming in on a regular schedule and prefer to keep me guessing. Guessing makes a budget cringe. The last couple of years have required major money managing skills. The writing income has carried the bulk of the family expenses. Learning how to juggle the […]

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Playing Games with Finances

Our household has been a much more peaceful place over the last several weeks. My husband and I have instituted the “Buck System.” Each child earns bucks through the week by doing choirs, doing things that are asked the first time and having a good attitude. They lose bucks with misbehavior or they spend them […]

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