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More Money Selling eBooks

Basic Steps to Earn Money Writing

“What do you think about these websites for making some extra income.” The post on the Google+ community seemed innocent enough to me – until I read the first response. He wanted to know the why behind the action that was driving her in the direction of the websites. I understood what he was saying, […]

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Writing Dream – Real or Mirage

Passion drives my writing or writing releases my passion. There are those days when I can not be sure which came first (although most days I believe it was the chicken). Opportunities have come up and I have followed through but I am not where I think I need to be with my writing. It […]

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Freelance Writer Basics – Getting Started

Setting out in the direction of a freelance writing career can be a scary step. Even in the best of circumstances freelance income is not always steady. Finding jobs and finding the right jobs can be work in and of its self. There are a number of things to consider before making the plunge to […]

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