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Make money or writing passion - find a path to do both.

Writing for MORE than Money

Writing for a living seems like a dream, even though I have been doing it for the last five years. The idea that I can sit at a computer and write words that entertain or inform others – AND GET PAID – takes my breath away. They might say that it is wrong that I […]

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measuring tape

Measuring Success for Freelance Writing

Each morning starts with a quick look at my statistics for Successful Freelance Writer (and all of my other sites). I look to see which articles are getting the most views and how readers are getting to my site. Today I found a new website – two actually. Get in the Hot Spot is a […]

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Freelance Writing Priority

“If I had a reason to get up then I would probably get up earlier.” The words were not my own but I could have easily put them into a phrase as well that deals with my freelance writing. Mine would have been about getting paid to write or having a place to write or […]

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Nothing but Success

Success is the only option. Once doubt settles into my mind and heart it will allow me to be tossed about – like the waves – from one idea or project or plan to another. There will no longer be any steady direction to my path. I will not go there. My senses are all […]

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Outsider’s Attitude Towards Freelance

There are times when I feel like the people closest to me recent me the most. Nothing they actually do or say cries out the foul, but it’s almost something in their eyes or tone of voice. It seems to say “you are not really working and it is not fair you are getting paid.” […]

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