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5-18-15 defeat worry feature

Beyond Emotions and Reactions

Emotions drive actions and sometimes that leaves me in a ditch. Emotions can fuel powerful words that ignite emotions in others. Emotions can have a positive side, but they can also have a dark side. I have to find the balance if I am going to keep emotions from driving me into that ditch. “Quick! […]

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Three Tips for Getting Better

Spelling and I have never been on the best of terms. My husband likes to say that phonics did NOT work for me. My spelling – or my bad spelling – became so notorious that my own mother gave me a dictionary for my 30th birthday. The inscription was simple: If you haven’t learned to […]

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Change is Coming

We cleaned the house and cleared the clutter. The space makes me happy. It also means that when anything gets out of place I am quicker to notice and to call a mass reclean from the whole family. I have changed, or at least my cleaning habits have changed. Change did not happen overnight. It […]

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